Business 101 For Creative


A full spectrum on-line educational big orange splot with elegant business and entrepreneurial training video webinar especially designed for creative entrepreneurs who love their work so much they decided to make it a business. Learning to run it is another story. Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs is a work-at-your-own-pace program with almost 100 hours of training,contextual success principles, practical sales training, how to set up social media, internet marketing spelled out, pep talks, and much more.


It includes monthly coaching calls, 4 hours of coaching with expert business coaching, tons of handouts,workbooks, and access to dozens of resources such as Tawn’s Million dollar rolodex.


Successful Selling Made Easy


Everyone sells! If you are sure you can’t or don’t want to sell, this program is for you.


You will learn to:


• Build trust and credibility in 2-3 minutes


• Listen effectively and generously


• Make compelling offers customized for each customer


• Raise your close ratio from 50% to 75% (no kidding)


• Leave your customers so satisfied that they refer you naturally


• Love sales as a natural and easy part of your business


Launch Like A Pros


A turn-key business marketing workshop that brings together launch expert copy writers, graphic artists, web designers, videographers, presentation experts, headshot photographers, speaking coaches, social media gurus, internet marketing, and business development coaches.


In the workshop you will take your business concept and create a focused marketing message that presents a uniform branding message on your website, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and youtube interfaces. You will get your “Free Special Report” written, cover designed, all social media pages set up, merchant accounts ready, 2 marketing campaigns ready to launch, a video of you speaking (for your website), headshots, a book cover (if needed), blog set up, and coaching for a 30 day marketing blitz.


When you walk out of the workshop on the final evening, you will have everything you need to Launch Like A Pro! the next morning.

Transitions, Inspiration, Reinvention, Communication, and Team Dynamics
Every business has its own unique culture, and at the same time, every business has the same primary commitments in the background.


  • Expand their impact on their market and increase revenue
  • Customer retention
  • Have skilled, satisfied staff members who fulfill the company’s mission.
  • Reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Gain traction for innovative ideas that reach new markets.


Our consulting is client specific and custom designed for each project. Please contact us for more information.

Some highlights of our onsite programs:

Consulting and Workshops

Breakthrough to Excellence: There Is No Such Thing “As Business As Usual”!
Excellence is a standard that is qualitatively beyond the ordinary, mediocre, or business as usual results.

In the beginning of any project or business there is energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and vision. We try many different solutions and approaches to problems that seem insurmountable, yet with grit and perseverance, breakthroughs are almost expected. There is little negative judgment of failures or breakdowns, both amounting to nothing more than a challenge.


Once goals are reached, it is necessary to stabilize and create systems to reliably reproduce the results.
Then it becomes about finding new opportunities to produce your reliable result. But what happens to the energy? What happens to the creativity? And what about the rapid growth?


If your company’s growth has flat lined; If you or your team have lost the vision and enthusiasm you once had; If your company does not have any avenues for creative expression; If you or your company are risk averse, this workshop is for you!


In This Program You and Your Team Will Learn to:


  • Produce Breakthrough Results
  • Have the tools to reliably produce results ongoingly
  • Recognize when you are settling or selling out
  • Develop Strategies for igniting explosive growth
  • Develop powerful ways to access innovation


Foundation For Results! — Develop Personal Power and Performance


Where do results come from? This model shows a direct path between results and the relationships you develop… the limit of your relationships are the limits of your results.
Nothing is Impossible! Extraordinary Performance and Results Can Be Fun and Reliable
Individuals and Teams function best when they are Being of Service to something bigger than their personal concerns. An aligned mission that stretches their personal view of themselves and challenges their talents. A well designed project will leave the person/team with a much larger view of themselves, empowered and ready to do it again!


In this program you will:

  • Align on your mission
  • Develop workflow and lines of communication
  • Develop strength with very different communication and work styles
  • Develop “Team” efforts and allow for collaboration and results
  • Work on project design that empowers the team



“Tawn is a dream maker! “

By: Alice Molter-Serrano , A Matter of Hope