Tawn Holstra is a dynamic and engaging speaker who lights up a room with her energy. Her expertise comes from 30+ years of business management, hands-on performance coaching, and large workshop facilitation. Interactive, conversational, and with the use of fun, short exercises, you will laugh while you learn and walk away with freedom to take new actions that produce tangible results.


All of the speaking topics are fully customize-able to any audience, yet ring true to Tawn’s powerful message that Human Beings are capable of moving from being at the effect of their conditions and circumstances to power-houses at any moment in time.


If you are interested in scheduling Tawn for your event, please send an inquiry.


Popular Topics:

Nothing is Impossible!

Focus #1: Starting over in midlife

Focus #2: Extraordinary performance is yours

Focus #3: College juniors and seniors preparing to launch

Foundation For Results!

Focus: Learn the source of all results and how you can positively impact every result at any time.

Compromise or Selling Out?

Focus: Developing a Personal Compass in Decision Making

You Are Always Winning the Game You Are Playing

Focus: How Your Inner Dialogue Makes or Breaks Outstanding Performance

Fail Up! The Secrets Super Successful People Know About Producing Results

You Get What You Stand For!

Focus: Discover Where You Tolerate Mediocrity and How It Cripples Your Performance

Your Customers Are Watching You

Focus: Building Life Long Customers through Outstanding Customer Experience

Building Bridges or Burning Bridges?

Focus: How Your Front Line Customer Contact is Running Your Business.


“Tawn is a dream maker! “

By: Alice Molter-Serrano , A Matter of Hope