GreenLife Foundation and GreenLife Project One

I am so excited to announce that we are formally starting our first GreenLife Community Project!

I will be announcing more specifics soon, but for now here is a bit about the organization and what we are about.

GreenLife Foundation’s mission is to educate and inspire others to live committed lives, contributing to their families, communities, and the world.

GreenLife is a laboratory for exploring and designing creative communities and social solutions.


The GreenLife Project One:   To design long-term sustainable communities for NO INCOME residents.   NO INCOME CONTRACT HOUSING allows participants to stabilize their lives, learn marketable skills, recover, and contribute to their new community.    Potential communities are homeless, refugees, and addicts.

Again, the specifics of our first project will be announced within the week!

A GreenLife Community is designed as a co-operative integrative system.  Version 1 will house 108 people, include organic gardens to feed 200 people, run on sustainable energy, gray water, and each participant will have a contract for full time work inside the community.   Participants will be trained to maintain the buildings (including plumbing, electric, handyman skills, and painting, etc), take care of the food and animals (chickens to start), and work with  the children or elderly who might live on site, as well as specific industries where they can get jobs off site (appropriate to that area).   Recovery work is part of the program for all participants.  The Peer Recovery model is the intention.

It is intended that once a GreenLife Community is stable and the participants are able to run it, that the staff and team of trainers are moved to another location to start again.

Will keep you posted as things develop!

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