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Butterthief Gardens, A Sacred Place

Nestled among 40 acres of pristine old growth cedar high above the rambunctious Chehalis River this fantabulous spot is a sacred   place for me to find clarity, write without distraction, breathe, discover inspiration, and just be among nature at is finest.   Home to nut trees, wild blackberries (of course), huckleberries, exotic   vining [...]

Costa Rica White Water Rafting

For those of us who love adrenaline, this trip was worth the effort.   It was quite a hike down to the river and fortunately they float the boats down from up river.  We have good class 4′s in the Pacific Northwest during the spring, however the water is just above freezing and it is loaded [...]

Schoolhouse Earth —

Love, love, love Schoolhouse Earth.   A 501(c)3 parented by Transformation of Education to develop innovative programs that interface with schools, support teachers, and design powerful and impactful stewardship education that leaves contributing adults who are responsible, creative, and engaged in life.       With programs like Edible Rainbow, Local Growers Program,  Body Logic, Schoolhouse [...]

Ahh, Italy

Two and half weeks of blissful travel.  In the dead heat of August, started in magical Venice, and trained to Florence.  Never was there a city like Florence.  So beautiful, so full of art and architecture.  Everywhere you look is a wonder of craftsmanship.  The people are lovely and warm (except when I asked for [...]

You Can Be Anyone! You Can Do Anything!

At this time of year there is always a flurry of coaching clients who want to reinvent their lives. There is something about the start of the year that calls for a new beginning… a fresh breath that feels somehow completely disconnected from the past.   Delightfully, from science to spirituality, it is proven that [...]

How Anonymously Adopting a Family For the Holidays Rekindled the Magic!

  It is dark outside on the morning of Christmas Eve and there is still so much to do before tomorrow’s special celebration of family. I will bake all the special treats that are only eaten on holidays. But I wanted to take a few minutes to share something special that we did this year [...]

2013:The Year of Breakthrough!

  Every year there is a calling to start fresh.  The beginning of the year is like a breath of fresh air to begin newly or recommit to projects that fell by the wayside in 2012.   Each year has a new intention for me. For example, this past year was The Year of Transformation [...]

What Would Richard Branson Do In Your Situation?

  Being Unstoppable Leads to Breakthrough Results!   How important is it to be unstoppable in life?Well that depends directly on what you have at stake. There is absolutely no reason to beunstoppable in pursuit of something that does not matter to you.   However, once you decide something matters to you, whether it is [...]

Invest in Yourself

  About six years ago I was flat broke. I did not feel particularly broke because I had 4 young children, a great house that had enough room for us and plenty of space to garden and home school. I had enough work to stay home most of the time, and I loved my day-to-day [...]