Build Your Own Ark — Explorations of Working From Anywhere

About 5 years ago I started conjuring a plan to retire in 5 years. Well I have not gotten to that, yet… but oh so close! I, of course, had other dreams too…

1. To be bicoastal and live near a tropical beach
2. To have enough passive income to be able to be out of the country at least 6 weeks a year
3. To be out of debt, including mortgages
4. Extreme health and fitness
5. To make a lasting difference in the world

Five years ago I was getting married and some of my 5 kids were still living at home, I had a fledgling construction company (2 years old) and we owned a couple of rentals that we managed to get and hold on to.

So I started building my empire in 2008, at the start of the real estate crash in the United States. I just saw so much opportunity and I jumped in with both feet.

Now I have 13 rentals that pay both my mortgages, one on my house on the west coast and one on the shore in Florida, plus all the utilities. That being said, I wanted more. I wanted to be free to be anywhere (bi coastal) and although I am still building that asset and have an excellent track record for picking the right properties, I felt geographically stuck. There is no getting around it, construction and real estate is a hands-on business.

So I launched into, what has turned out to be, a multi-year exploration about generating income from anywhere. I have been at it for about 5 years now and I have learned so much.

This blog is about those lessons and how they unfolded. Honestly, this is a dream life and I hope you find yours!

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