You Can Be Anyone! You Can Do Anything!

At this time of year there is always a flurry of coaching clients who want to reinvent their lives. There is something about the start of the year that calls for a new beginning… a fresh breath that feels somehow completely disconnected from the past.


Delightfully, from science to spirituality, it is proven that Humans are remarkable, neuroplastic, creative Beings with the capacity to invent anything and be anyone, no matter what has happened in the past. No matter where they come from, no matter when they begin.


This is big news… just like Dorothy in Oz in her ruby slippers, this new beginning that we grant to ourselves at the start of each year is actually available at any moment of anytime…


Taking the time to thoughtfully choose our goals for the year — not just taking the unfulfilled resolutions from last year, but really looking out into the future and creatively choosing where you are headed for the next 12 months.


and then getting in action — that’s the critical piece… not hoping but acting…




How Anonymously Adopting a Family For the Holidays Rekindled the Magic!


It is dark outside on the morning of Christmas Eve and there is still so much to do before tomorrow’s special celebration of family. I will bake all the special treats that are only eaten on holidays. But I wanted to take a few minutes to share something special that we did this year and the difference it made for us as a family.


At the end of each Christmas our family always feels somewhat over full from getting… we know we have enough stuff yet we want to acknowledge and appreciate each other in some meaningful way… we have struggled with it for the past couple of years as the kids become adults and the magic and wonder of surprise becomes the stress of having enough for everyone…


So this year we adopted a family that we have never met and will never meet. It was offered through a radio station after Thanksgiving and on the spur of the moment I called and accepted a single mom with 3 little kids.


The station sent me their Christmas list complete with sizes and favorite colors and it included their wish list (of things they did not think they would get but wanted or needed). I called my family and told them what I had done and with mixed feelings we went to work.


As we started shopping and buying things for the children… picking out toys and clothes, dishes, and books, towels, pj’s, yo yos for stockings… suddenly, even though we were not going to be there to see them open these gifts… the Magic of Christmas became more real then it has been in years. We cared what they wanted, whether they would like it, was it going to bring joy to their lives, would it entertain or keep them warm.


Our whole family spent a full day together where we laughed, wrapped presents, and had a big, messy crab pot dinner and were full of the joy of giving.


There is something so special about giving to someone who has no idea whether they will get their Christmas list items or not… it was especially great to get a bright shiny bike and stick a bow on it. I remember the morning my children got their first bikes and the amazing joy it was for them for get outside and ride in the freezing cold. Well, quite simply, it was magical for them and that is what I hope and anticipate for the family we adopted. That they really feel like something magical has happened for them.


But the real magic was that our family felt great about it. We shared in something that makes the holidays real… We got to be Santa and honestly, I can say that this holiday has been one of the best, although not traditional, we have had in years.


I know that next year we will do this again and it will be better organized (I hope).


I truly wish you all a happy holiday and the very best of seasons with your family, friends, and loved ones. The times they are a changing and the magic is where you make it!


Please spread the joy good will to all.


2013:The Year of Breakthrough!


Every year there is a calling to start fresh.  The beginning of the year is like a breath of fresh air to begin newly or recommit to projects that fell by the wayside in 2012.


Each year has a new intention for me. For example, this past year was The Year of Transformation and Power and I lived fully inside that context.  Lots of adventure, new beginnings, and extraordinary growth in many areas.


As I look forward I am declaring this year The Year of Breakthrough! 


I tend to work with businesses and individuals who want to start something big or make a big change in their lives or career.  Reinventing one’s life can be exciting and, for some, is absolutely essential.  It can also be daunting.


For some it is a career that has ended or is not making the money that it once was.  Or simply, having fulfilled what there was to accomplish and it is time for something new.


Maybe it is a personal breakthrough.  Something that has limited them for years and they are finally ready to be done with it.  Like a poverty mentality, or a constant struggle with happiness in relationships, or vitality.


Really, The Year of Breakthrough can be in any area of life… whatever is important to you.


Be bold!  Be daring!  Take this new year’s energy and launch yourself into your dream life… especially if you are unsure how to get there!


Then DECLARE it.


This is what I am committed to!  I will _____!  This shall be!

So, what exactly counts as a breakthrough?


Any unpredictable result.  In other words, you cannot see the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.  There will be some leap into the unknown.


For the most part, this is the stopping point for the ordinary person.  If they cannot see the next step, they just leave it as a dream and never take any actions toward their goal.


This is the most certain way to never achieve your dream and it has a subtle and profound effect on us.  Every time we don’t start something that matters to us we become  a little more resigned about life, a little sadder, a little older.


Reinventing your life or taking on a bold new adventure is not an ordinary thing to do.  Extraordinary people take on extraordinary quests.   Reinventing your life is for remarkable, magnificent, and courageous people, like you!


So I encourage you to start… even the smallest step toward your goal will make a difference.

Here is a good beginning question,  “Am I willing to have _______?”


Are you willing to have your dream?  You might discover some emotion there when you ask that question. Ask it out loud… talk to the universe.  “Am I willing to have my dream?”


If the answer to your question is, “Yes!”, then spend a little time with your eyes closed and imagine your life with that accomplished.   How would life be?  Who would you be if you had already fulfilled this impossible quest?  Maybe you want to get married, or you want to quit your job and open a business, maybe you want to buy a house, or you want to run a marathon (or just be able to!) , or go on a vacation with your whole family.  Maybe you want to save money or do something creative with your life.


Whatever it is… imagine yourself having it/ being it right now and notice your thoughts and body sensations.   That is the beginning of your adventure!


Just commit and you will be amazed at what the universe will bring to aid you on your quest.


As Geothe said so brilliantly,  Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!


What Would Richard Branson Do In Your Situation?


Being Unstoppable Leads to Breakthrough Results!


How important is it to be unstoppable in life?Well that depends directly on what you have at stake. There is absolutely no reason to beunstoppable in pursuit of something that does not matter to you.


However, once you decide something matters to you, whether it is putting your child through college, or buying your first house, or getting fit, or ending world hunger;  once you commit to it… well then it matters!


So what does it take to be unstoppable? This is simple question really.   Just keep going no matter what.


So why does it  seem so much harder in real life?  That is a better question.


If you are working towards your child’s education, or buying your first house, or the career of your dreams, then it is pretty important to be unstoppable.


What does it take to be unstoppable?  Especially when the world gives you a challenge that makes your dream/goal seem impossible?


This is the heart of being unstoppable.  When we start a project, we have a lot of enthusiasm for it.  We want to give our time and energy plus we are making progress that we can see.  Then something happens.   We are invited to a dinner party while we are on a cleanse.  We have a cash flow issue beyond our ability to stretch the budget.  We get a “no” from a critical alliance we were counting on.


At this point, being unstoppable is who you must become.   Most will not pass this point.  They will hang up their spurs and sit on the porch thinking about this moment for the rest of their lives.

But not you!  You are going to accomplish this goal no matter what.  Why?  Because you said so!  You knew you would face some challenges and here one is.  Now what?


This moment is what weeds out the dilettantes from the real result producers.    You are going to figure it out.   I know that sounds too simple, but it is exactly what there is to do.


In these moments of great need, sometimes the best coaching comes in.   This is the coaching I got when I was completely stopped during a major life change.


“Ask different questions”.   The question I was always asking in my head was, “How am I going to get through this?”  Or “Where am I going to come up with that money?”   Some version of that.


The question I needed to be asking is, “Who knows how to do this already?”, and then either, “What would ______ do?” or get on the phone and reach that person or read their book.


I model my business life after some mentors and it really assists me to look from their point of view.  What would Richard Branson do in this situation?    Or What would Seth Godin’s next move be?”


Living an “unimaginable life” means that YOU can’t imagine it… it does not mean that no one has imagined it.    So get out of your perspective and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, someone who has walked your path (or close enough) and answer from there.


And most importantly, to be unstoppable, keep going.  Keep taking effective action.  Even little moves can make a big difference and every single step is a learning experience.


My mantra:  Keep breathing, Keep pushing, keep learning!


Invest in Yourself


About six years ago I was flat broke. I did not feel particularly broke because I had 4 young children, a great house that had enough room for us and plenty of space to garden and home school. I had enough work to stay home most of the time, and I loved my day-to-day life.


So on the outside I did not look broke. But really, I struggled to cover even the slightest unexpected expense, like car repairs, dentists, etc. Yet, I was really happy, but also really stressed.


Then I read a book called, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and started to realize that I had a “poor dad” mentality. For one thing, I did not know the difference between consuming and investing. If money went out, it was just gone. I spent on what I “needed”, but never thought about a return.


I also found that I had many internal conversations about not having enough money to invest. I thought that meant that I had to “save” money and then “someday” invest. Investing was all about money and nothing else.


What I did not understand at the time was that investing is a way of life. It is not just about cash, but also about energy. It is about getting more value from the energy you invest in something, whether it is sweat equity, a marriage, or a job.


Investing is an attitude. It is about putting energy into something and expecting something of value to come back to you. In the event of cash, it would mean that you put $1 in and get $1.50 out.


However, if it is not cash, how can you expect “value” back? What does a return on investment (ROI) on your heart, your work, or your well-being look like? The good news and the bad news is you get to create the value that you want. There is no pre-existing standard for that type of ROI, so it is really up to you.


Let’s look at an example.

When I was homeschooling my children and staying home most days, I was extremely content with almost no money. I put a lot of energy into it, a lot of thought, and a ton of elbow grease. I worked every day for years to give them a stay-at-home, single mom that provided them a great education, a lot of exercise, and organic fresh food.


What is my ROI? I have 4 strong, independent, college kids who have a deep respect for their bodies and the earth they live in. I was genuinely happy scraping by because I was fulfilling a deep-seated commitment that was authentically important to me, and would have been extremely damaging to my family for me to not fulfill.


Now they are grown and I am working on a different “investment”.

From what I learned from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I started buying property and now have 10 income properties (starting from scratch), and have 4 full time employees. That was a monetary ROI, but for the first 4 years of being in business it was extremely hard work and almost no cash out. We were buying property and fixing them up for rentals, so a lot of cash out (all borrowed) and then refinancing the property at these great interest rates to pay off all the debt. Then do it again.


The years when it was a lot of work and very little income were stressful, but again, we had to hold on to the dream of passive income in the future… that made the “investment”of stress and tons of sweat equity worth it.


At any time during those stressful years I could have decided that it was not worth it. That it was too hard, or too much “investment”for the pay out in the future. But because we held on to our dream we now have a very comfortable income for the rest of our lives. In 6 years!


Now, I am committed another dream. I dream of helping other creative entrepreneurs succeed. What’s the ROI going to be? You tell me!