Author : Tawn

2013:The Year of Breakthrough!

  Every year there is a calling to start fresh.  The beginning of the year is like a breath of fresh air to begin newly or recommit to projects that fell by the wayside in 2012.   Each year has a new intention for me. For example, this past year was The Year of Transformation [...]

What Would Richard Branson Do In Your Situation?

  Being Unstoppable Leads to Breakthrough Results!   How important is it to be unstoppable in life?Well that depends directly on what you have at stake. There is absolutely no reason to beunstoppable in pursuit of something that does not matter to you.   However, once you decide something matters to you, whether it is [...]

Invest in Yourself

  About six years ago I was flat broke. I did not feel particularly broke because I had 4 young children, a great house that had enough room for us and plenty of space to garden and home school. I had enough work to stay home most of the time, and I loved my day-to-day [...]