About Tawn

I am a strong believer in making the world a better place than when I came into it and living a life that is worth giving my heart and soul to. I am actively creating and offering environments for collaborative design and discoveries that free up humanity for our next evolution. I believe that the next 20 years will give us truly profound cultural shifts, as profound as the discovery of North America. However, we have to create these cultural shifts right where we are… in places where there are already cultures in place.


I have spent most of my life studying and will continue my entire life long. I have studied with Dr. Fernando Flores for 6 years and had the privilege of working directly with him for those 6 years as well. He taught a rigorous 3 year program called the Ontological Design Course, as well as several weekend workshops. Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varella who, together, won the Nobel Prize in biology for their work on autopoesis, as laid out in the Tree of Life, Michael Graves, Stuart and Herbert Dreyfus, Peter Drucker, were just a few of the amazing teachers of the conferences. I proudly hold a certificate in Ontological Design as a Masters level program.


I worked with Werner Erhard and then Landmark Education. I led programs for them for 14 years and was a staff member on and off for 35 years. www.landmarkeducation.com

I founded Transformation of Education and co-founded Schoolhouse Earth to make a difference in the educational system in the United States. www.schoolhouseearth.org

I have had the privilege of leading life design and communication programs to tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and have designed programs for the homeless in Seattle www.farestart.org and the families of Seal Team 7 and have an active consulting status with the Department of Defense, as well as many other organizations.


We are putting the finishing touches on a full spectrum training program for Creative Entrepreneurs to a support them and their businesses in thriving  www.business101forcreativeentrepreneurs.com. The program is developed to allow for folks to work at their own pace and includes all of my best work and resources.


In development is a project called The Cascadian Co-operative Community, truly an experiment in co-operative ownership of our towns. Researching ownership models has changed my point of view about so much about our economy and I have always had a passion for empowering each and every citizen to make a difference in their own life and the life of those around them. Check the blog for current updates.


I have 2 books out, Designing Your Child’s Education and Savoring Seattle, both out of print currently. I am currently working on a book on rule breakers. The Rule Breaker’s Manifesto, that will be out in 2014.


I am married and raised four truly remarkable children of my own and now have an incredible step son. I live part time in Washington State, part time on the southeast coast of Florida and the rest of the time my husband, Mel Auston, and I travel the world for work and pleasure